Short Documentary Film




This film runs on a $700,000 dollar budget. To make this short film duration of 20 minutes. We work 5 months traveling with thirty crew workers on set this was very diffcult to travel from Los Angeles to New York all cities. First time I explained from the pictures, it's very unusual this is new in many festivals and in cinema. There is nothing like this in the filming industry. 

America is very interesting it shows the reality, different cities and Hollywood fame. This film makes 18,629 pictures taken 1,410 pictures to make film Los Angelos to New York four and half months all cities. The Short Documentary have some critical parts and shows the reality. This film is explained from pictures. Its unusual its diamonds. This is new in many festivals. I make from these pictures a short film this is nothing not like this in the film industry this is very different and brilliant new. A new version and different from other documentaries.


Life in the United States of America it shows the reality. Different cities , the way of life how people live in poverty, different things to experience such as sightseeing ,different cultures , restaurants and Hollywood fame.

This film has receive an award , credits and in the IMBD America has recieved 500,000 viewers 

  • The winner for Best short documentary in San Francisco Arthouse short Festival.
  • Selected Impact Docs Awards
  • selected Arrow International Film Festival
  • Selected Zegreb International Film Festival
  • Selected Italy International Film festival 103 projects was selected from 1,702 films which is not easy.  "America" film still receives invites to many festivals.



Short Doucumentary 2023

 This paradise film runs on a $950,000 dollar budget. To make this film duration of 7 minutes. We work 8 months on capturing the true beauty of Turkey. Paradise shooting 150.000 meter negative shooting no digital only negative material. This project was diffcult, but  it turn out to be very successful. Turkey tourism Industry has increased massive every month the tourist industry has been very successful. 


Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist countries in the world where tourists come from everywhere. If you want information about tourism in Turkey, you will find here important information that will help you write Turkey tourism essay.


Antalya is one of the most stunning places in Turkey as it has so much breathtaking natural beauty. On one side of the city, you will see the dramatic Taurus mountains, and on the other side, the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. There is breathtaking scenery all around Antalya, most notably along the coastline. 


Turkey is a source of magic and beauty, especially its picturesque landscapes, the islands that attract the attention of its visitors. It is a link between the East and the West. It is also a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. Turkey has many tourist destinations. 

The beauty of Antalya Turkey has reach the British Muslim Magazines and many around the world. 


As you see in the film poster of Paradise, Antalya is the fastest-growing city in Turkey, and tourists from around the world are discovering its fabulous mix of great beaches and traditional Turkish culture. Kids will love the Beach Park, which features Aqua Land (a waterslide-fanatic’s dream) and Dolphin Land (home to dolphins, sea lions and white whales). Make sure to explore the old town centre and to see Hadrian’s Gate.


If you are tired from work and want to experience the  best place Turkey is a place for holiday and to spend your vacation. 

Antique Hunters

This film runs on a $10,000,000 dollar budget. To make this film it took 14 months duration was 1:55 minutes

This is not like Hollywood scene. We had to create our own scenes everything so much hard work. This film was prepared in A Studios city of Antalya Turkey. I travel to Istanbul Turkey, then few into Antalya Turkey to meet Director of the film for this project Cetin Sezerel. We visited d many agencies to find the chacters for this film it was not easy. Many agencies had beautiful men and women. We was looking for a certain type of look we wanted poor people. We visited the theater for actor we found over 50-80 professional theater actors it was a long journey. Traveling back and forth wasn't easy.


This movie is the story of poor people living in the city of Antalya in Turkey. You will get to know these honest people who sell Antiques. Which survived the war from Syria. Since they don't know turkish Language, they can't make a living by selling papers from the garbage in the heat. According to rumor one of the found a very valuable gold coining the trash and sold it and became rich. They are chasing after the unreal dream.


This movie made in hundred years obviously no love story, no adventure, no horror no thriller, no romance. This is the story of poor people living in Antalya city of the land Turkey, who suffered from the heat. 

Certain rules in movie making a film outside of certain rules the techniques of shooting are very genus new order. Coming to the history of other cinemas this will be the job for the Oscars. 


In  one hundred years  We change cinema with the film " Antique Hunters" normally what others need in film we dont have. We cook somthing very very different this is a great great idea somthing new not like other film . Its the story of poor people life in Antalya Turkey. Coming soon 2023.

Love Coffe 


2024 project Love story

This film runs on a 230,000,000 dollar budget. This film will have six worldwide famous singers. The love coffe will be 2024 project it's a love story film. This love Coffe shop is made for filming you will he to see soma amazing special design made hand pieces very interesting coffe it has never been seen in the world totally different shop.  Coming soon. 2024.


Crusader (1071)


2025 project Action


This film runs on a 360,000,000 dollar budget. The duration of the film is three years.

Christian and Islamic war in the city of Malazgirit in Turkey. The story of 1071 Islamic armies have advanced towards in the interior of Anotolia (Today name Turkey). The head of commander name is Alp Arslan. Cristian soldiers gathered from Europe to come to Anadolu. Perhaps they tried to stop the Islamic armies, they wanted to take our country away from us. Islamic the commander name is Alp Arslan. Soldiers gathered from the entire country of Europe to come to Anadolu to fight and wants to stop Islamic and scatter in Malazgirit land (Today city Koyain Turkey) Christian armies were German Itlaty France Belgian Spain. 100,000 00 soldiers but Islamic army was 10,000 people, but the Alp Arslan wins the war and continues on his way to Islamic.