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Hello There

Welcome to B. Film Company

I am Tonguekeia major the C.E.O. of B.Film company we are happy to have you here with us.We provide an emotional embrace of advertising and quality top dollar films worldwide.

We believe visual storytelling can move hearts and minds as we address the social, environmental, and cultural issues of our time. We aspire to bring diverse perspectives on issues with the goal of enhancing public awareness and informed decision-making towards a more equitable, sustainable, and just world.

We believe independent film plays an important role as a public service. Every day, media is making a difference in determining how the public understands issues and frames discussion. We are committed to bringing audiences compelling visual storytelling experiences from a variety of filmmakers and perspectives. By putting together strong films with strategic distribution and impact campaigns, we can make a difference in public awareness, attitudes, and policies.

As a collaborative, we are a diverse group of visual storytellers with a common goal of making compelling films that tell a wide range of engaging stories for public benefit.

We know that the filming industry is not easy, we work hard towards our goals is to be different with new ideas in the filming industry. O and yes did i forgot we work hard to take the Oscars.

About B.Film

We are a company established in media production we were founded in 2019.  We have a huge love for our work and a desire to produce the best images possible. We have an experienced and professtional crew who has worked on many productions across the world and beyond. We worked with many high profile networks and companies. 


Why Company did investments in Turkey?


Because money dosen't come with instructions  company isworking to become a broad filming company worldwide, though Turkey, Bahamas and United States. 

Currently, we are working to expand our market base. We are investing in the garnish country Turkey, the most warless country in the world. Bfilm do business with A Studio in Antalya Turkey.

We are making a film in Antalya the most beautiful place in the world for outside scene shooting.

Our film studios is owned by Cetin Sezerel in Antalya Turkey 4,000 square meters feet. 



Travel Agency 

I travel to Turkey where we made Antique Hunters film. You can visted this city this city 5,000 years old. My company is big company I have travel agency for very cheap price only people who wants to visted where I make films.

Contact us for booking services

If you want to make pictures we will help you no profıt and turkısh antalya Major Travel Agency will help you. Please feel free to contact us. 

Cetin Sezerel

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Phone contact :011905418140614

Tonguekeia Major

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Phone Contacts : 0012428188221





President of Turkey


The Legend

The Legend has spoken "The world is bigger than five". It is clear that unless the United Nations Security Council the main body responsible for International peace and security is reformed, these efforts cannot completely achieve its goal, that is why we remind the international community at every opportunity of the fact that "The world is bigger than five". You cannot oblige the world to what five countries have to say , but now the  world is obliged to that. "This needs to be reviewed" Can you imagine just three countries from Europe, one country form Asia, one country from America a total of five countries what will happen to the rest of the world? They set the rest of the world aside. We say a total of twenty countries can be in the UN security Council all permently they can be switched every two years by turn. All the countries in the world take their place there to represent the world. Justice can be served only in that way.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is great man words can't describe his chacarter he truly is a helpful man and love his country.From 2003, he spent three terms as prime minister, presiding over a period of steady economic growth and winning praise internationally as a reformer. The country's middle class expanded and millions were taken out of poverty, as Mr Erdogan prioritised giant infrastructure projects to modernise Turkey.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan takes a rational approach to life, valuing cold hard facts when making decisions. As an ESTJ, he values honesty and the ability to get things done.

Outspoken and bold, he will happily make it known if someone isn’t living up to his standards. In conversation, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is direct and says exactly what he thinks, preferring not to waste time by beating around the bush.

President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan I would like to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy shedule to meet and greet with us even though it was diffcult you made it happened a man with not just words but action. Thank you for the approval and contrubitions for the film "Antique Hunters" .This film with be on the map worldwide and Oscar's.

Your engery and presence was enough to brighen anyone's.

We are delighted that you love your country the casting crew Hollywood Director Of Films Cetin Sezerel, and Hollywood Producer Tonguekeia Major  we appreciate you President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. We love you.